7, December 2022

How to Use a Chakoro Tea Incense Burner


  • What is a Chakoro?
  • What to Prepare
  • How to Burn Japanese Tea Leaves on a Chakoro
  • Tips for Safe Use  
  • Moments of Relaxation
  • Recommended Items

What is a Chakoro?

Enjoy the natural rich aroma of Japanese tea leaves with an authentic Japanese Chakoro Tea Incense Burner.
A Chakoro spreads the relaxing aroma of Japanese tea leaves in its surroundings by slowly roasting Japanese tea leaves and twigs over a small flame. In Japanese "Cha" means "tea" and "koro" means "incense burner."

A fairly new kind of incense burner, it was introduced around 25 years ago and a large share of Chakoro Tea Incense Burners are made by Tokoname Ware, the signature pottery of Aichi Prefecture. 

Let us take you through some simple instructions on how to use a Chakoro and show you how to enjoy the rich aromas of Japanese tea pleasurably and safely. 

What to Prepare

1. A Chakoro Tea Incense Burner

First, you will need, of course, a Chakoro. At MUSUBI KILN, we offer several different designs of Chakoro sets. 
Each set comes with a top plate, a burner, a candle holder and a wooden trivet.
Our Chakoro sets also come with one tealight candle. You will need to purchase extra tealight candles for continued use.

2. Japanese Tea Leaves

Next, you need to purchase Japanese tea leaves. To enjoy the full richness of its aroma, we recommend you choose Japanese tea leaves especially packaged to be used on a Chakoro. Tea leaves for a Chakoro contain more twigs than leaves as twigs can be roasted for a longer amount of time. 

3. Spoon

Prepare a spoon to scoop the tea leaves on the top plate of the Chakoro burner.
To give an extra special touch to the relaxing moment, a Chasaji teaspoon like the one seen in the following photo would be a nice item to add. 

How to Burn Japanese Tea Leaves on a Chakoro

Next, we'll show you step by step, how to burn the tea leaves on a Chakoro.
Let's begin! 


Place the Chakoro burner on the wooden trivet and set them on a flat surface. Scoop one spoon full(2g/0.1oz) of the tea leaves onto the plate and spread out the leaves on the plate. If you are using a Chasaji,  you will probably need to add two scoops of tea leaves for optimal scent. 


Gently set the top plate onto the Chakoro burner. Make sure that the plate is securely set on the burner. 


Remove the candle holder from the Chakoro burner, light the candle and slowly place it back into the burner. The flame should be low and not be touching any surfaces directly. 
Do not place anything under the candle holder to elevate the candle holder's height. 


After 5 to 6 minutes, you should slowly start to sense the slight aroma of the roasted tea leaves and twigs. Wait for another 10 minutes or so, and you will be embraced with the rich and relaxing fragrance of the Japanese tea leaves. The aroma will last for about an hour. You can slightly adjust the amount of tea leaves to experience differing levels of richness in the aroma.

Japanese tea leaves contain a substance that when heated has a relaxing effect on the brain and improves blood flow. The aroma of Japanese tea leaves also has a deodorizing effect that naturally eliminates any odors in a room.

 Tips for Safe Use 

Here are some safety tips to follow to make your relaxing moments with a Chakoro safe and delightful. 

 -Set the Chakoro away from any flammable items and out of the reach of 
 -Do not touch any surfaces of the Chakoro when in use.
 -Never leave a Chakoro unattended when in use. 
 -Let the Chakoro cool before discarding the roasted tea leaves 
 -Occasionally ventilate the room with fresh air.

After all parts have cooled, you can return it to its box or you place it on a shelf or table as a home decor item. The smooth and earthy texture and minimalistic design of Tokoname Ware will add a touch of Japanese artistry to any room or space. 

Moments of Relaxation  

During the time the tealight candle is lit, you can actually enjoy different stages of aromas from the Japanese tea leaves. First, you will sense a slight aroma of the leaves which is then followed by a more roasted and woody scent. At its highest temperature, you will experience a nostalgic and natural mellowness that is sure to help you relax your mind and soul.

A Chakoro will not only help you relax your mind but will also offer comfort to your visual senses with its wonderfully crafted design and the beautiful shadows it creates. 

The scent from a Chakoro is subtle and delicate, and brings about a feel of calm serenity. Add a Chakoro to your household and spend a relaxing moment with the wonderful aroma of Japanese tea leaves.  

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A Chakoro Tea Incense Burner will fill a room with the subtle aromas of roasted Japanese tea leaves. The small flame of a tealight candle will slowly roast the Japanese tea leaves on a Chakoro burner.
Relax with the fresh scent of Japanese tea leaves and enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship of authentic Japanese Chakoro Tea Incense Burners. 

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To enjoy the gyokuro that has been slowly and carefully brewed, we recommended using a finer tea cup than you would normally use.

Thinner porcelain is a better material than thick stoneware, allowing you to concentrate on the delicate flavors and aromas.

Also, a slightly smaller size, about the size of a sake cup or espresso cup, is better suited for gyokuro brewed in small quantities.

Recommended Item:
Hibino Crystal Glaze Mino Ware Tea Cup