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Fun at Home: Izakaya Dining

Craving a taste of Japan? Create a festive and cheerful tabletop packed with delectable Japanese dishes matched with tasty beverages like an "Izakaya" in Japan. A wonderfully fun experience, an izakaya-style meal is a great idea for parties or family get-togethers on weekends. 

See how we set this delightful tabletop filled with tableware items from unique to stylish. There is something for everyone to enjoy with this izakaya-style table design. 


  • The Izakaya-Style Table 
  • The Basics: Tableware and Menu
  • A Fun-filled Table Presentation
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Key points of this table setting

1. The Izakaya-Style Table

Izakaya eateries are casual dining establishments which offer an array of Japanese cuisine such as sashimi, yakitori, Japanese-style fried chicken and a variety of drinks in an inviting and casual atmosphere as described in our blog Come and Discover the Charm of Japan's Izakaya Culture.

And one of the most charming aspects of an izakaya is its table style. Unlike the typical Western dining experience where each person orders their own individual dish and have their own plate setting, izakayas encourage sharing and communal dining. Large tables are often shared between groups, and dishes are served in portions that may be divided with others at the table. This creates a warm and friendly atmosphere where everyone can try a little bit of everything and bond over their love of delicious food and drinks.

Our table is laden with a variety of menus on plates and bowls in different sizes, shapes and materials. We prepared enough food so that everyone can enjoy eating as much as they like at this uniquely decorated table. An izakaya-style meal is a perfect way to try a vast selection of food accompanied with delicious sake - satisfy your cravings however you please!

2.  The Basics: Tableware and Menu 

If you have ever been to an izakaya, you may have noticed that there is no exact rule regarding table setting. The name of the game is having fun.

So, just like the casual and rule-free table setting of a real izakaya, you don't need to worry about following any specific guidelines when recreating the izakaya experience at home. The important thing is to have fun and set your dining table so that everyone can enjoy sharing together. It may also be a good opportunity to use some pieces that have been challenging to match with other items at home, a plate with a distinct design or unique shape.

One tip that might help when choosing your tableware is color. As it is a casual dining occasion, it may be good to select colors with a rustic and natural feel such as brown, vermillion, or beige.

We have chose some beautiful items to serve basic menus you can enjoy at an izakaya.   
Here are some popular menus you can find at an izakaya in Japan. 

Edamame is the go-to starter menu at an izakaya as they couple wonderfully with beer and sake.
One of the most popular menus at an izakaya is Japanese-style fried chicken. The coarse texture of the fried chicken match wonderfully with the bold design of Mt. Fuji. 
A variety of everyone's favorite yakitori is beautifully plated on the stylish Hibino plate, adding an extra touch of flair to the presentation.

At an izakaya, the end of meal is enjoyed with some type of staple menu. Today, we prepared two different kinds of onigiri rice balls accompanied with Japanese rolled omelette, "tamagoyaki." 

3. A Fun-filled Table Presentation 

An izakaya-style party is the perfect occasion to use fun and eye-catching tableware items which sometimes remain hidden away during regular daily meals. We chose some truly special pieces to add to the cheerful feel at the table.

Serving sashimi in a "funamori (plating on a boat)" style on a sushi boat is a visual feast as much as it is a gastronomic one. This item is a bit tricky to use for daily meals, but makes for a great centerpiece that will really liven up the conversation. 

Additionally, employing a "Shichirin," a traditional Japanese charcoal grill, is a perfect way for grilling seafood and warming yakitori and rice balls. This rustic shichirin matches well with the woody texture of the table. 
Not only does it add an element of excitement to your meal, but it also enhances the flavor of the food and creates a unique dining experience that is truly memorable.

The auspicious figurine of the Seven Lucky Gods on a treasure boat can be used to create an ambiance of good fortune and positive energy on a table. This Kutani ware figurine with its festive color palette is an excellent fit for the joyful and upbeat table setting. A wonderful piece as a conversation starter!

Just as we did at our hanami outing, we again prepared a handwritten menu to capture the authentic atmosphere of an izakaya restaurant. To add a personal touch, we even hand stamped the menu with a MUSUBI KILN logo.

An izakaya is all about having fun and enjoying the company of friends.  Delight in bringing a sense of whimsy and happiness to your table by incorporating creative and colorful elements, making it an inviting space for everyone to share and savor delicious dishes together. Have the guests pick their favorite sake cup to start the fun affair. 

Recreating the fun and exciting atmosphere of an izakaya at home is easier than you might think. With a cozy atmosphere, communal table, delicious food, and drinks, you can create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. So why not give it a try? 

Featured Items

Miyabi Urushi Black Belt Kiso Woodwork Sushi Boat

A sushi boat is a plate shaped like a boat on which sushi or sashimi is served. In Japan, it is often used at izakaya- style restaurants. Made by Miyabi Urushi Kogei, a company that specializes in crafting intricate Kiso woodwork, this item is manufactured by skilled craftsmen using Japan's finest wood.

It is said that this dish was first made in the latter half of the Edo period (c. 1603-1867) to entertain the lord of the Fukui domain. Even today, it is used as a special dish because of its festive appearance. When placed on the table, the captivating look of this item will make for a stunning centerpiece that is sure to be remarked upon by both friends and family. It will add a special touch to your dining setting that will not go unnoticed.

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Akae Kutani Round Plate SetAkae Kutani Round Plate Set - MUSUBI KILN - Handmade Japanese Tableware and Japanese Dinnerware
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