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Bring Authenticity to the Table with a Soba Tray 

Soba is one of the most beloved noodles in Japan. It is a traditional dish that has been enjoyed for centuries. 
Originally eaten in soba eateries in the Edo period, soba is now a casual meal choice at many households. With the approaching warm weather, soba becomes a more frequent guest at the table and its presence is hard to miss at a summertime lunch.

Try refreshing cold soba noodles at home with this simple and rustic table setting using a soba tray. 


  • The Soba Tray
  • The Classic Complement 
  • Traditional Garnishes
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Key points of this table setting

1. The Soba Tray 

This soba tray is made of a wooden frame and a bamboo strainer. It provides high functionality at a table when serving soba. And with its aesthetically pleasing design, it makes for an eye-catching piece in a tablescape. The dark hue of wood is matched beautifully with the subtle blue of Kyo ware celadon and the deep color of the Shigaraki ware flower vase. 

The tray's woody texture and subtle visual appeal enhance your overall soba dining experience, lending it a sense of authenticity and a touch of traditional Japanese elegance.

2. The Classic Complement  

Soba and tempura make for a delightful combination of flavors. The simple taste of the soba provides the perfect backdrop for the warm, crunchiness that comes from tempura. By serving them separately, your guests can appreciate each individual flavor or combine them together to create a fusion of flavors.

Soryu Kiln's celadon plate is the perfect canvas to serve tempura. Its gentle color and unique texture add visual appeal to the crispy coating.  

3. Traditional Garnishes

Traditional garnishes like wasabi, and green onions offer an ensemble of flavors and textures. Although subtly placed next to the soba, they are indispensable elements of a soba meal. Add them right into the dipping sauce or place them on the soba directly. See how we placed a wasabi root as our choice for a chopstick rest. 

Lacquerware spice containers match wonderfully with the wooden soba trays. 
Use the containers for grated daikon, sesame and "shichimi," a traditional Japanese mixture of seven spices.

A soba tray can add something special to your at-home dining experience, offering a connection to centuries of Japanese culinary tradition and bringing a sense of authenticity. Not only is it beautiful with its woody textures and rustic charm, it also provides an opportunity for both culinary fans and those just getting into Japanese cuisine to go on a unique journey beyond the palate. So, next time you want to spice up your Japanese soba meal, incorporate a soba tray and upgrade your soba-slurping occasion.

Featured Items

Miyabi Urushi Nezuko Kiso Woodwork Japanese Soba Tray

Made in a classic design, this soba tray is the perfect way to enjoy a restaurant experience in the comfort of your own home. Made from high-quality "Nezuko" cypress from the Kiso district of Nagano Prefecture, this soba tray has a high resistance to decay and is characterized with low shrinkage. The natural grains of Nezuko are accentuated by baking and polishing the surface.

Savour an authentic soba lunch with a Miyabi Urushi Nezuko Kiso Woodwork Japanese Soba Tray. Appreciate and savour both its dark hue as well as its delicate craftsmanship.

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