Table Setting #158
Aromatic and Alluring: Hot Chestnut Rice in Classic Banko Ware

Chestnuts, with their iconic spiky shells, epitomize nature's creativity and announce autumn's arrival. As a symbol of the season, its flavors enchant many. Relished in various dishes, both savory and sweet, chestnut rice stands as one of the most cherished dishes. What could be more inviting than a heartwarming bowl of this seasonal Japanese specialty, especially when served hot and fragrant from a classic Banko ware rice cooker?


  • A Cozy Embrace with Banko Ware
  • Stoneware & Banko Ware: An Autumnal Ensemble
  • Featured Item

Points of This Table Setting

1. A Cozy Embrace with Banko Ware

Holding a special place on our autumn table is the Banko ware rice cooker, bathed in rustic charm. As chillier days approach, this artistic piece stands ready to serve fluffy, hot rice, becoming the centerpiece of meals with family and friends.
Within this pot, the steaming chestnut rice, filled with firm and perfectly cooked chestnuts, draws one's senses into a dance of warmth, nostalgia, and nature. This Banko ware rice cooker ensures the chestnut rice is not only a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes on the dining table.

The aromatic steam released upon lifting the lid entices and stimulates the appetite. Thanks to its superior heat retention, the rice remains warm throughout the meal, allowing everyone at the table to savor its comforting embrace.

2. Stoneware & Banko Ware: An Autumnal Ensemble

Stoneware, reflecting autumn with its earthy tones and textures, pairs splendidly with the Banko ware rice cooker. Crafted from this revered material, the cooker captures both durability and aesthetic appeal. Together, they present a captivating setting on the table, the wooden lid adding an extra touch of authenticity. It's a cookware piece that will transform each meal into a visual and culinary delight.

Hot, freshly cooked chestnut rice, rich with the earthy hues of the season.
What elevates this culinary experience is the Banko ware rice cooker. Crafted with the traditional design of a "Kamado" (cooking furnace), its presence not only evokes nostalgia but also accentuates the essence of Japanese cuisine. As winter peeks around the corner, let this exquisite Banko ware infuse warmth, tradition, and a taste of the season into your gatherings.

Featured Item 

Hagama Banko Donabe Rice Cooker

This Hagama donabe rice cooker, made of Banko Ware, is not only highly heat resistant and durable but also boasts unparalleled heat and moisture retention properties. Cooking rice in this earthenware pot ensures the right amount of moisture release, allowing the residual heat to cook the rice thoroughly, resulting in fluffy grains. Furthermore, its resistance to heat keeps food warm for longer, while the far-infrared ray effect locks in the umami of the food. It's compatible with both open flame and electric cooktops.

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