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Breezy Buffet: Sharing Spring Fun with Shokado Bento Boxes

Spring has arrived! The environment around us is slowly shedding the gloom of winter, gradually becoming brighter and warmer. Preparing a vernal time buffet with friends or family can be a delightful experience to embrace this seasonal transition. Amid the beautiful scenery of spring, everyone is free to move around, converse, and savor delicious food. Gathering together, sharing recent feelings, you not only enjoy the sunshine but also the company of each other. Such moments are worth cherishing and reminiscing.


  • Cheers to Spring: Friends and Feast
  • Multifunctional Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box
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Key points of this table setting

1. Cheers to Spring: Friends and Feast

The table setting primarily features a palette of muted pastels, complemented by the wooden surface of the table and Shokado bento boxes, creating an ambiance of relaxation and ease. The addition of colorful ingredients infuses the serene table arrangement with vitality and the essence of spring. In one corner of the table, a large bouquet of mimosa stands out; its bright yellow blossoms paired with green leaves add a vernal touch.

The contemporary Shokado bento box, featuring sleek lines and well-defined compartments, make them ideal for gatherings. Its variety enriches the table's offerings, including duck as the main course, a salad made from various vegetables, assorted appetizers, and fruit. Sitting at this abundant table, chatting and sharing updates and feelings, and enjoying the splendid springtime together is a truly enjoyable experience.

The washi paper table runner from Morisa, adorned with a hemp leaf pattern, enhances the overall elegance of the table setting. The lucky cat, also known as maneki neko in Japanese, placed next to the pink bowls, is not only charming but also symbolic of bringing good fortune and wealth.

The appetizer, sashimi delicately wrapped around thin green onions, is elegantly presented on a Mino ware box plate. Its pale blue hue evokes the feel of an ice block, not only perfectly complementing the overall table decoration in color but also making the appetizer appear even appetizing. Additionally, the box plate's height facilitates the easy picking of food while standing.

Pickled vegetables are delicately served on Kiyomizu ware sauce plates, adorned with the design of Mount Fuji accompanied with various auspicious motifs symbolizing good omens. These plates are particularly suitable for buffet-style dining as they come in a set of five and convey best wishes to the diners.

2. Multifunctional Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box

The Shokado bento box from Hibino boasts a clean and sleek exterior, and thoughtfully accommodates Mino ware dishes inside, allowing for a variety of dishes to be placed. Upon lifting the unadorned lid, exquisite and delicious dishes are revealed, offering the delightful surprise akin to unwrapping a gift.

A lightly stewed dish composed of vegetables such as white lotus root, golden pumpkin, deep brown shiitake mushrooms, green nanohana (rapeseed flowers), and light pink shrimp comes alive like a painting of spring, exuding freshness and vitality. The golden hue of tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelet) also brings a lightness to the entire dining table.

A deep blue Mino ware dish placed inside the Shokado bento box creates a striking yet harmonious contrast in color, which in turn accentuates the vibrancy and deliciousness of the sushi contained within. The petite temarisushi balls enrich the buffet with their variety in color and texture.

The lid of the Shokado bento box not only serves to keep the food inside clean and sanitary but can also be used as a tray to serve drinks. When not in use, it can be placed under the bento box, contributing to a more organized tabletop. The Mino ware dishes inside prevent the flavors of different foods from mingling, ensuring each dish retains its distinct flavor.

Upon opening the lid, the wooden frame around the bento box creates the impression of a picture frame, beautifully showcasing the dishes within as if displaying a fine piece of art.

A buffet in the beautiful day is the perfect fusion of cuisine and nature, making this table even more memorable. In such a period, both the stunning landscapes and the exquisite dishes on the table remind us of the beauty of life. Let us cherish these moments of gathering in the wonderful time, looking forward to your next meeting in the spring breeze.

Featured Items

Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box

The Shokado bento box designed to contain small dishes within its compartments, facilitates serving a variety of hot, cold, or soupy foods in an aesthetically pleasing manner, ensuring flavors remain distinct and presentation impeccable. The Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box, compatible with Mino ware dishes, encourages creative food presentation while preserving the essence of traditional hospitality. Its stackable design and lid that doubles as a tray offer versatility in table settings, making it widely liked.

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