Table Setting #191
Mother's Day Brunch with Cedar Magewappa Plates 

Mother's Day is a special occasion to honor and express gratitude to the remarkable women in our lives who have nurtured and supported us. It is a good way to celebrate this heartfelt day by gathering around a table for a family brunch designed to show appreciation and create lasting memories. The focus of this table setting is on creating a joyful experience that makes every mother feel cherished and celebrated.


  • Brunch with Love
  • Sharing Warmth in Magewappa Side Plates
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Key points of this table setting

1. Brunch with Love

The weather gently shifts as late spring gives way to early summer. Under the bright sunshine, a delicious and rich brunch is arranged. Family members gather to present mother's day gifts brimming with love. Each dish, carefully prepared and presented, expresses gratitude and affection.

The standout piece of this setting is the Magewappa Round Side Plate in front of each person. Its surface glows softly in the sunlight. The auspicious red and elegant deep purple add a festive atmosphere to the table and harmonize beautifully, creating an inviting and appreciative ambiance.

First, appetizers composed of richly flavored prosciutto, cheese, and fruit, are arranged on gold and silver Leaf Amuse Bouche Spoons and the Hemp Leaf Wazen Kumiko Tray. This presentation adds a touch of traditional Japanese elegance to the cozy brunch.

The main course, a wagyu steak, is perfectly complemented by the canvas-like White Mino Ware Round Plate, accentuating its marble-like texture. This tablescape gracefully conveys gratitude for a mother's devotion, and enhances the meal with the ambiance of dining in a fine restaurant.

Completing this delicious brunch are juicy, sweet seasonal fruits, carefully cut into bite-sized pieces and served in a Cosmos Kutani Bowl. Cosmos flowers, symbolizing harmony, peace, and love, elevate the Mother's Day atmosphere and bring a lively splash of color to the table setting.

2. Sharing Warmth in Magewappa Side Plates

Magewappa side plates are crafted from Akita cedar, featuring natural wood grain and a very lightweight design. A urethane coating adds practicality, allowing you to serve dishes directly on the plate without worries of staining. The color red, symbolizing good fortune and festivity, is especially suitable for special occasions.

The purple side plate, contrasting with the wooden edges, adds a modern touch and brings a chic feel to the overall table setting. Additionally, in Japanese culture, deep purple is considered a very noble color, and can add sophistication to your dining space.

Each dish served is not just a feast for the taste buds but a reflection of our endless love and respect for our mothers. On this special day, a thoughtfully decorated table—with its blend of colors, aromas, and flavors—conveys gratitude and best wishes. May the joy of this day become an everlasting memory for the entire family, embracing your mother with the profound care and affection of her loved ones.

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Odate Kougeisha Magewappa Round Side Plate

Magewappa side plates are made from Akita cedar or cypress, shaped after boiling, and bound with cherry bark. They feature antibacterial properties and moisture retention that preserve the freshness and taste of food. Enhanced with a urethane coating for durability and elegance, these lightweight, beautifully crafted plates by Odate Kogeisha are perfect for daily use and entertaining.

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