Table Setting #79
A Shabu-shabu Dinner with
the Black Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot 

The best way to warm up on a cold day? 
Gather around a hot clay pot  and share a hearty and fun dinner. 
We set the table for an enticing Shabu-shabu dinner with thinly sliced pork using the Black Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot. 


  • The must-have winter item, the donabe
  • Shabu-shabu at the table
  • Modern colors
  • Steaming hot rice right from the pot 
  • Featured items

Points of This Table Setting

1. The must-have item, the donabe

So versatile and easy to use, the donabe(Japanese clay pot) is a great tableware item for the cold season.
This Black Banko Donabe is stylishly designed to be used as a center piece for a winter table setting. 
You can feel the handmade craftsmanship with the rustic designs on the edges of the pot, the  lid and the handles.  All the colorful vegetables look appetizing inside the dark colored clay of the pot. 

2,. Shabu-shabu at the table

One of the most popular donabe menus!
Shabu-shabu is made by cooking thin slices of meat and vegetables in hot water or soup at the table in a donabe and then dipped in a sauce before eating.  
This donabe with the flat bottom retains heat well and is perfect for Shabu-shabu.

3. Modern colors  

To match the dark color of the donabe, we used a bright contemporary red table cloth. The blue Mino ware tonsui bowls(bowls to hold individual servings from a donabe) are used as accent colors with one holding ponzu(a citrus-based sauce ) and the other with a sesame dipping sauce. 

4. Steaming hot rice right from the pot

Another fun element of this meal is the rice cooked in the Hagama Banko Donabe Cooker. Rice is usually cooked in a conventional rice cooker and brought to the table in a rice bowl. But for this meal, we cooked the rice with this stylish cooker and placed it on the table to serve freshly cooked hot rice.  

Plan for a winter full of warm meals gathering around an authentic Japanese donabe. Try different types of donabe menus and find the one that will be your favorite for this winter. 

Featured Item

Black Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot

Banko stoneware pots have the top share of domestic stoneware pots in Japan.
By using special clay mixed with petalite, the heat resistance is high, and it very  durable.
The gentle heat conduction of stoneware heats up the slowly brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients.
Banko clay pots are safe to use and have excellent heat retention and moisture retention.

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