22 December 2022

Musubi Kiln’s Office Lunch #01
Office warming party with hot pot dishes!

Musubi Kiln moved into a new office this month, and we are very excited about our new kitchen and dining area. We are planning to increase the number of opportunities for all employees to enjoy a delicious lunch together, based on our initial wish to cherish mealtime. So this time, we decided to hold a hot pot party to celebrate the move as well!

December has arrived and it has become much colder in Tokyo. Hot pot dishes are easy to prepare as long as you have enough ingredients for the number of people, and you can enjoy them hot and freshly prepared. We decided to make kimchi nabe (hot pot) and "Mizore" nabe, which were requested by many people. Mizore nabe is a nabe with grated daikon (Japanese radish) and is named after its resemblance to Mizore (sleet). We followed the recipe of Just One Cookbook

Mizore Nabe (Hot Pot with Grated Daikon) Kimuchi Nabe 

In preparation for our meal, we cut the ingredients into bite-sized pieces and grated daikon radish. All that was left to do was to simmer!

Next, we set up the table. When you're cooking hot pot dishes, the tablewares and utensils need to be placed on the tabletop, so it's important that they look good and are easy to use. We used the Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot for 3 to 4 persons. It has a slightly shallow shape, which made it easy for staff members to see what was in the pot and easy for them to serve.

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This is how we set up the table for one person. Since there were a lot of people this time, the number of tableware was minimized to make it easy to prepare. To add a touch of flair as an office moving celebration, we put placemats on the table. Tonsui is very convenient for hot pot dishes because the handles don't get hot.

Condiments and seasonings are indispensable for hot pot dishes. It is difficult to eat comfortably when various items are placed on the table in an unorganized manner, but having a set of spice containers is very convenient. 

 A ladle rest is a very useful item. It can be placed upright, is functional, and looks very cute. So some staff members even wanted to have one at home!

Finally, it's time for lunch! We have not had many opportunities to have lunch together with our colleagues working in the office, but it was a great time to talk a lot over delicious hot pot dishes! The atmosphere around the Donabe hot pot was wonderfully relaxed, and the conversation was very lively.

After eating, clean up. The Tonsui and ladle rests are convenient because they can be washed in the dishwasher. The Donabe hot pots are also lightweight and made of an easy-to-wash shape and material, so we were done in no time.

We used BIRDY. kitchen towel to quickly wipe up dishes that cannot be put in the dishwasher. One medium-sized dishcloth can wipe dishes for six people without getting them soaked. It is a reliable clean-up tool.

We had a short but enjoyable time from preparation to clean-up. Some staff members said they were already looking forward to the next lunch! With the hot pot dishes, you can enjoy a warm meal and make memories with your family and friends. Why don't you spend some time warming your body and heart with Donabe?

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Accessories for Donabe

These accessories for Donabe are useful when cooking and eating Japanese clay pot dishes. 

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