New Year Collection 

Welcome the new year with authentic Japanese tableware and home decor items in lustrous lacquer and shiny porcelain. Touches of gold and auspicious designs will enhance the festive mood of the New Year holidays.

This collection includes a wide variety of items from beautiful lacquerware Jubako bento boxes to auspicious porcelain home decor items with celebratory motifs.

Bring in good fortune and health to your home and celebrate the new year in style with pieces from our New Year Collection.

New Year is the most festive time of the year in Japan. People gather to rejoice the beginning of a new year and enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine with family and friends. Set the table using beautiful and graceful tableware with auspicious motifs and designs, and celebrate the start of a new year.

Authentic Japanese Tableware Items for New Year Celebrations 

Jubako Bento Box 

Jubako bento boxes are indispensable items for packing "Osechi ryori," the traditional cuisine eaten during the three days of the New Year festivities. 
Jubako bento boxes coated with lustrous coats of lacquer and decorated with auspicious designs in gold are perfect for New Year celebrations. 

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Lacquerware Soup Bowls

A special kind of soup called "Ozouni" is served during the New Year holidays in beautiful lacquerware soup bowls with a lid. 
This Aizu Lacquerware soup bowl is decorated with the auspicious design of a "Juryo" which is a plant that symbolizes "a great amount of money" as it bears many little red fruits during the cold season in Japan.

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Side Plates

Side plates with metallic and colorful designs in celebratory motifs will fancy up the table for special occasions, especially New Year celebrations. 
Choose plates with gold and silver linings and with designs such as plum blossoms, bamboo leaves and pine tree branches that all behold auspicious meanings.

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New Year's Table Setting Idea
1Table Setting #172  Serenity with Japanese Tea and Exquisite Celadon
Table Setting #171  Bites of Blessings: Osechi Ryori on Elegant Small Plates
Table Setting #170 A New Year's Eve Soba Celebration
Table Setting #168 Elegant Sushi Dining: The Lacquerware Jubako Box Experience
Table Setting #107 New Year's Festivities
Table Setting #108 A Cozy New Year Celebration
Table Setting #109 Lacquerware for a Special Occasion
Seikou Kiln Akae Kinrande Serving Plate 11.4in - MUSUBI KILN - Quality Japanese Tableware and GiftSeikou Kiln Akae Kinrande Serving Plate 11.4in - MUSUBI KILN - Quality Japanese Tableware and Gift
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