Table Setting #155
Donabe Delights: A Table for Oden and Sake Cheers

As the day settles into evening, and a gentle hush prevails, there's no greater joy than gathering around a table that promises coziness, both in ambiance and taste.

This table, adorned in calm and subtle hues for a delightful Oden dinner, is a canvas for traditional artistry and cuisine. At its center is a Donabe clay pot, generously filled with delicious Oden, and complemented by classic Arita  tableware and other items in fall colors. Prepare to embrace the comfort of this meal and warm sake as this tablescape promises an experience steeped in authenticity and warmth.


  • An Artful Display of Oden: Rustic and Warm
  • Feeling the History of Arita Ware Porcelain
  • Warm Sake at the Table
  • Trivet Tales
  • Featured Items

Points of This Table Setting

1. An Artful Display of Oden: Rustic and Warm

During Japanese winters, the clay pot reigns as an essential treasure. Artistry and functionality meld seamlessly in designs like those of the Banko ware Donabe clay pot. Adorned with lids reminiscent of the exquisite chrysanthemum flower and colored in an elegant shade of deep blue that complements any palette, this clay pot is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practically sized. Capacious enough to serve a gathering of three or four, their deep base and impeccable design make them a steadfast centerpiece. 

And the Donabe clay pot has, over centuries, become synonymous with many traditional Japanese dishes, including today's savory Oden. In a light yet umami-filled broth, an array of ingredients are simmered over a gentle flame.  Where Oden can sometimes become quite brown in color, we gave ours a contemporary flair by adding sausages, cherry tomatoes and some okra rolled in fried tofu skin. A wintertime-favorite, everyone can enjoy a hot serving of Oden right at the table. 

2.  Feeling the History of Arita Ware Porcelain  

Accompanying the Donabe clay pot, Arita ware from Ri Sanpei Kiln provides a touch of Japan's porcelain history. 

With every bite of the delectable Oden, one does not merely savor the flavors of Oden but also is immersed in the deep history embedded in the tableware, a history spanning centuries of meticulous craftsmanship and tradition. Ri Sanpei Kiln adorns its ceramics with classic Sometsuke blue and white patterns. The clay used hails from the same mountain their founder utilized in the 16th century, underscoring their dedication to time-honored craftsmanship. Each piece crafted with their subtle yet genuine artistry, lends an air of authenticity and understated elegance to a tablescape with their grace.

3.  Warm Sake at the Table 

Enjoying an Oden dinner, one cannot overlook the importance of complementing it with perfectly warmed sake. This Seigado Sake Warmer, handcrafted in Niigata Prefecture, elevates the sake experience to match the comforting depth of Oden.

Made with precision, its copper plate boasts traditional floral patterns and a unique hue from golden purple to golden brown. While the warmer efficiently heats sake with its high thermal conductivity, its artful design is also a showpiece, enhancing the aesthetics of your winter-themed setting. So, as you relish your Oden, let this exquisite Seigado piece ensure your sake remains at its prime. 

4. Trivet Tales 

On the tablescape, two trivets stand out for both their functionality and aesthetic appeal. They add a layer of artistry and cultural narrative.

This trivet, meticulously handwoven by a craftsperson at Fukami Sangyo, is made from the durable fibers of the shuro palm. Its ring-shaped design harmonizes beautifully with Donabe clay pots.

Crafted in Morioka City, the cast iron trivet features a refined four-leaf motif, emblematic of the esteemed Nambu ironware tradition. Its versatile design complements various tableware items. With its rubber-cushioned feet, not only does it protect your table but also enhances the tablescape's allure.

What better way to anticipate the chilly days ahead than with a heartwarming Oden meal, served in a robust and rustic Donabe clay pot? A table accessorized with elegant Arita ware, sake ware, down to the charming detail of a chikuwa-shaped chopstick rest will hit the spot on a night when comfort is much needed. Stay warm, eat well, and take pleasure in adorning your table to mirror the delight of your dishes.

Featured Item 

Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot for 3 to 4 persons

In 1932, Sutematsu Kumamoto laid the foundation of Ginpo with a vision of superior craftsmanship. The Kikka Donabe embodies this dedication, a product of over 90 years of commitment to crafting top-tier clay pots. Today, Ginpo's "Kikka" series continues to delight food enthusiasts globally, turning meals into memorable experiences.

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