Mino Ware
"The Standard of Japanese Tableware"

Known as “Mino Ware” in the world, traditional pottery produced in Gifu Prefecture that located in the center of Japan’s main island of Honshu.

The characteristic feature of Mino Ware is their variety. Rather than a single format, there are more than 15 different styles that have been developed over time to the present day.

There are many Mino Ware kilns in the regions of Tajimi, Toki, Mizunami, and Kawagoe in the east of Gifu prefecture. Mino Warei is also the most popular pottery in Japan, and has the largest market share in the country.

Ideas for Use

The charm of Mino Ware is its variety. Mino Ware has the largest share of the Japanese pottery market and is the most widely used in daily life, so you can use your favorite patterns and colors according to the any cuisine, scene, and season.
One of the most popular types of Mino ware is Donburi Rice Bowl, which is a slightly larger size bowl for serve rice with various cuisines on top called “Don”.
For example, it can be used to serve teriyaki bowl, Gyudon, etc.
However, you can put any cuisine that goes well with rice, which is the Japanese way. It is also the perfect size for noodles such as ramen, udon, and soba. You can serve lot more Japanese style dishes with just one Donburi, so we highly recommend to have this for starters.
Otherwise, Mino ware has a variety of Japanese tablewares that is easy to use in daily life. Also, all of them would be wonderful gifts for someone who has never been used to Japanese tableware before.

Popular Kilns

Hibino Ceramic

Hibino is a tableware brand made in Mino, the largest ceramic production area in Japan. It makes a lot of restaurant-grade tableware, which is highly praised by chefs around the world.

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Ihoshiro Kiln

Ihoshiro Kiln was established in 2007 in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, a city rich in nature. It is a ceramic studio that produces original chopstick rests with "feelings and hands" in mind. 

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